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lake festival

Lake Festival at the Venice of East

Udaipur is more like a mood, and you will undoubtedly follow its beat when you are here

Udaipur is a romantic location unrivalled in Rajasthan, if not all of India, nestled alongside serene Lake Pichola, with the purple hills of the Aravalli Range stretching away in every direction. Fantastical palaces, temples, Havelis (traditional, ornately decorated dwellings), and endless narrow, tortuous, timeless streets provide a human counterpoint to the natural attractions of the city. The serenity of lake boat excursions, the bustle and colour of bazaars, a vibrant arts scene, the quaint old-world vibe of its heritage hotels, tempting stores, and some magnificent countryside to explore on wheels, feet, or horseback await visitors. Plan your trip to Udaipur to coincide with the lake festival. It is one of India’s most exciting and enchanting events. There’s a little bit of everything to satisfy your tastes in this eclectic mix of art, culture, and adventure.

Let the festival begin!

Udaipur celebrates its lakes with a three-day Lake Festival that highlights the city’s natural and architectural treasures. The lake festival is a good time to experience the city in an unparalleled manner. The crystal clear lakes which mirror the bright blue skies attract galore of tourists during this festival. Besides that, you can also witness floating markets & stimulating concerts that just set the rhythm of life for the coming 3 days. You dwell in its history, people and culture with memories etched in your heart forever. Festival that brings the essence of Udaipur the all its people under the same sky.

Hold your breath and get ready

The event begins with a bang as ‘Srinathji’s boat’ arrives at Gangaur Ghat on Lake Pichola. The floating temple appears unreal against the morning sky’s warm hues. The cool breeze gently envelops you in feelings of love, joy, and devotion. Shrinathji, one of Vishnu’s forms, is honoured with a religious ritual, and his image is enthroned in the boat. The floating markets that travel from ghat to ghat bring a raw and homely experience. It’s wholesome and welcoming. The vibrant boats of the floating market display products ranging from Ayurvedic remedies to freshly harvested fruits and vegetables along with handcrafted art and objects that encapsulate the sense of ancient tradition.
As the water glistens in the hot midday light and the sun-bathed water shimmers like diamonds the afternoon festivity shifts to Lake Fateh Sagar’s shores. Kayak polo matches rowing, canoeing and dragon-boat races captivate the audience with nail-biting performances. It’s a sight to behold to watch competing teams from all throughout India. More than 200 competitors from seven different states participated in water-based sporting activities. Since water is an essential component of all activities, the operations are subjected to the highest safety requirements. Numerous teams are deployed at multiple sites to ensure the smooth operation and running of concurrent activities, particularly during peak evening hours. Marine and mechanical engineers are on hand at all times to help build floating barges, stages, and even indigenous power boats to drive and manage the many attractions.

udaipur lake festival

In the evening, locals and tourists congregate gather around Fateh Sagar to enjoy musical performances. A brass band circles the lake, playing victory and celebration songs. A one-of-a-kind concert with stages built on water and audiences seated all along the shore. The tempo is set, and the music begins. Your heart is racing, and you’re flourishing on beats and melodies. The event begins with meditative and romantic notes, progresses to relaxing melodies in the late hours, and concludes with high-intensity songs. A floating stage on the lake is hosting over 100 performing artists of various genres, including bands such as the Indian Ocean and Prem Joshua. 

To conclude the proceedings, the Srinathji boat is illuminated at night, and a film about the Mewar hero, Maharana Pratap Singh, is screened. Maharana Pratap is regarded as one of India’s greatest warriors due to his bravery and gallantry. Pratap governed Udaipur for almost 27 years, from 1572 to 1597. The highlight of the festival along with the illumination of the main Ghats and the captivating music performances presented in water is the projection of the story of Maharana Pratap’s heroism and his beloved steed Chetak on a gigantic water screen.

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