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enhancing engagements to create wholesome experiences

E-Factor finds great pleasure in crafting events that bring people and ideas together. An assembly of creative thinking, precise planning, and scrupulous observations has enabled us to touch heights. Our proficient team offers a wealth of event management experiences, that broadly includes grandeur of weddings, deeply intact festivals, rigorous sporty gatherings and fostering government’s vision.

Climbing the ladder of success, our discipline to understand the purpose that powers each event is intricate and dedicated. With our ardent interest in growing and becoming revolutionary, we have partners in the national ads as well as international markets that help us in conducting a transformative and dynamic experience while opening our routes to hold the government events domestic or abroad. 


In our vivid event conducting experience, we have been able to deliver every government event at the forefront through abiding strictly with the administrative policies. Our advanced working standards are of highest competency which enable us to process and engage in the events by immense success. For us it is necessary than ever to communicate the essence of the event and the motive for which it has been held. 

We take great pride in handling the execution of each event after intensive research of collective information through various resources which in turn extends support in being self-aware and hosting it impactfully with great triumph!


Our sophisticated understanding towards the event is what surges the success of each one of them. We put all our senses in being completely informed and learning the motivation that led to the idea generation of the event. We believe that every government event is marked to educate the laymen on specific topics or just to create awareness amongst the masses for a particular problem. Through our constant attention, we serve the event that instills maximum influence and withstands with the intention of the community. 

Our sole purpose is to resemble the brain of the government and create events that spark impressions! 


In the pursuit of conducting an impactful government event, we work beyond our limits to make each ceremony attention-grabbing and eye-worthy. Making sure that the audience is driven and attracted towards the event, we work by our blood and sweat in accomplishing the mission of it. Our goals always align with that of the government in holding an applaudable event. 

Each event is carried out with the same enthusiasm as it is promoted and hyped around. In sending the right message, you need a right carrier and that is where we hop in with our expertise and hold a neat and masterly event for you!